Carty Lateral Pipeline

Photo of Carty Lateral Pipeline

TransCanada Pipelines

Morrow County, OR

Project Description

The Carty Lateral project consists of a new natural gas lateral pipeline to provide fuel for the Carty Generating Station in Morrow County, Oregon. The new lateral is approximately 27 miles of 20-inch pipeline and includes launcher and receiver facilities. This is a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) 7(c) regulated pipeline.

HMM Role

In 2013, HMM provided project management, pipeline route and workspace revisions, and related engineering, mapping and drafting services. The project also included launcher and receiver assemblies and a meter station. HMM coordinated preliminary civil survey and performed numerous constructability adjustments.

Project Highlight

  • Improved overall constructability of pipeline route through detailed field engineering and workspace selection activities, which translates to projected construction cost savings
  • Optimized route by including one horizontal directional drill (HDD) crossing of Oregon State Highway 74 and Willow Creek